It’s no secret that a home with beautiful flooring creates an impression on potential home buyers. My clients will tell me “I love this ground but I am concerned someone will not like this floor once I attempt to sell the home”. Floors trends are shifting rapidly with advancing technology in structures, textures, and also a race to wider-longer planks. It can be difficult for even flooring professionals to maintain the modifications. So what’s the right answer for balancing a flooring you love with floors which will hold the greatest long-term value?

Time Frame
Before considering what other folks could like about your home, you first must ask yourself the most important question. “When do I plan to sell my house?” Be sensible about this one; the answer may be within the following year or after my children are off to school. If your solution is over the next calendar year, this will put more importance on selecting a floor that is trendy and trendy. Stylish colors and styles can breathe new life into a classic home, giving the home more appeal to buyers who are exposed to changing design trends in magazines and on the internet.

On the other hand, if you do not intend to sell your house for 3years, it is nearly impossible to predict where new flooring technology and design trends will take . It may be best to aim for a more conservative approach and select timeless classics and natural colours. Whatever style you choose, it’ll be important to think about the rest of the aspects of your space.

Fitting Together
I always say any floor may look good in the right context. The challenging part is finding the ideal pieces for the puzzle. These items are costly to change and directly touching your floors. Next, you might want to think about countertops, paint, and backsplash. While some of them are still costly to change, they offer a degree of separation with different substances between.

Should I match my cabinets or not? The floor does not always have to match the woodwork. In fact, designers often aim to offer a stark contrast between the flooring and woodwork to give the area more defining attributes. Remember color is not the only thing which can have comparison, now you frequently see minimalist designs with clean lines combined with rustic high texture high character hardwood floors. The combination of those aspects produces amazing results. Work with your designer to get the ideal look for your needs.

Buyer Persona
When selling your house it is important to picture a potential buyer. Can it be an urban, suburban, or rural site? Are you currently targeting newlyweds or acquaintances? A young couple seeking to buy a condominium downtown has very different flavor than empty nesters looking to retire on a farmhouse ranch. Young urban home buyers are considering broader planks, neutral tones, and higher durability. Older home buyers can take a more traditional route with traditional timeless beauties like Black Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, or Hickory. After you have a clear vision of your target audience, this will allow you to select the right floor for optimizing resale.

The wood flooring layers

Engineered wood flooring requires much lesser wood than what you would have to use in case of the hardwood flooring. Less wood is going to cost you less money. In addition, there are different layers. You can always have a bamboo wood for lower layers and for the top surface, you can have the Oak wood layer and the best finishes through oiling, varnishes as well as all kind of finishes.
Since, it is in layers and the top layer is the best-seasoned wood, the protection against the moisture is ensured and you cannot hope for any loss due to the moisture. Remember, while opting for any wooden flooring that the moisture does play an important role in flooring and hence the engineered wood flooring is the best choice for you.11043058_794281657325100_5595375265476952563_n



1. Quebracho – From the Spanish “quebrar hacha,” which literally means
“axe breaker.” Aptly named, wood in the Schinopsis genus is among the
heaviest and hardest in the world.
2. Lignum Vitae -Widely accepted as the hardest wood in the world–this
wood has been listed as an endangered species and is listed in CITES.
Consider Verawood as a very close substitute.
3. Gidgee – This Australian endemic is both very heavy and very strong.
Some pieces are dark enough to be used as an ebony substitute: one that’s
even harder than the original article.
4. Snakewood – It’s easy to see what makes Snakewood so unique–its patterns
and markings resemble the skin of a snake. Limited supply and high demand
make this one of the most expensive woods on eart.
5. Verawood – Sometimes called Argentine Lignum Vitae, this wood is a gem:
inexpensive, great olive-green color, beautiful feathery grain pattern, and
it takes a great natural polish on the lathe.
6. Camelthorn – Formerly classified as a member of the Acacia genus, this
south African hardwood is a tough customer. The wood is stubbornly hard,
and the tree is protected by giant sharp thorns.
7. African Blackwood – In some parts of the world, this wood has achieved
an almost legendary status. Historical evidence points to this wood
(rather than Diospyros spp.) being the original “ebony.”
8. Black Ironwood – Pieces are very seldom seen for sale, as this tree is
too small to produce commercially viable lumber. Like the unrelated
Desert Ironwood, Black Ironwood is an excellent choice for small
turning projects.
9. Katalox / Wamara – Some pieces can be just about a dark as true ebony,
while others are a more reddish brown with black streaks. So much depth
in the Swartzia genus, there’s something for everyone!
10. Cebil- Also known as Curupay or by the exaggerated name Patagonian
Rosewood, Cebil is not a true rosewood. It has a highly variable streaked
appearance not too unlike Goncalo Alves.



PINE: Pine is a softwood which grows in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere. There are more than 100 species worldwide.

Properties: Pine is a soft, white or pale yellow wood which is light weight, straight grained and lacks figure.It resists shrinking and swelling. Knotty pine is often used for decorative effect.
Uses: Pine is often used for country or provincial furniture. Pickled, whitened, painted and oil finishes are often used on this wood.

ASH: There are 16 species of ash which grow in the eastern United States. Of these, the white ash is the largest and most commercially important.

Properties: Ash is a hard, heavy, ring porous hardwood. It has a prominent grain that resembles oak, and a white to light brown colour. Ash can be differentiated from hickory (pecan) which it also resembles, by white dots in the darker summer wood which can be seen with the naked eye. Ash burls have a twisted, interwoven figure.
Uses: Ash is widely used for structural frames and steam bent furniture pieces. It is often less expensive than comparable hardwoods.


HICKORY: There are 15 species of hickory in the eastern United States, eight of which are commercially important.

Properties: Hickory is one of the heaviest and hardest woods available. Pecan is a species of hickory sometimes used in furniture. It has a close grain without much figure.
Uses: Wood from the hickory is used for structural parts, especially where strength and thinness are required. Decorative hickory veneers are also commonly used.

Wood like a piece of art

Wood flooring is one of the most  renewable floor material available today, this mean that these is a solid, functional and beautiful material has won all home owners hearts around the world .

The more you know about the unique characteristics of wood, the better you can understand the degree of warmth that it brings to your home and the beauty that it has. Each grain pattern is a unique piece of art and texture. Even what some may see things like knot as a defect, but those things brings more beauty and character to any given piece of flooring!


Wooden floors restoration

We would like to share with you couple of new things that are expecting you on our website. You need to know that  you can book a consultation for FREE with some expert of our team ,because we understand that you have to be informed what treatment your floors will get and how long would it take,  do not worry about the time because we work even weekends so we can bring back shine on your home flooring, our new age machines with 99% dust free sanding are helping us work more fast and inspiring us to bring such a great results!

Wood is most popular material in the world of flooring, because it have great looking, it handles the foot traffic effective and it is succumbing to renovating procedures very well! When your floors are shabby and marked – contact us and we are going to find the right solution for you !


Oak is the most widely used hardwood. There are more than 60 species of oak , which can
be separated into two basic varieties; white and red. The red variety is also known as black oak (a reference to its bark). Oak is a heavy, strong, light colored hardwood. It is ring porous, due to the fact that more and larger conductive vessels are laid down early in the summer, rather than later. Prominent rings and large pores give oak a course texture and prominent grain. Oak also has conspicuous medullary rays which can be seen as “flakes” in quarter sawed oak lumber.Oak is the most popular wood used to craft American and English country designs. It is also used for Gothic and William & Mary reproductions, as well as many transitional and contemporary pieces.

In the Elvish religion of toy making, trees are revered as places of worship. Since a vast majority of their toys are made from oak trees, they do as much as they can in order to show their respect and gratitude for Mother Nature’s unselfish sacrifice. Children around the world are convinced that parents are the reason oak toys are under their tree, they are misled. Every time a child loses faith in the magical elf powers harnessed in their oak toys, an elf loses its ability to craft masterpieces from the oak tree. When this occurs, they are thrown into the slums of elf-hood, dressing Santa.


Floor sanding

We can give you a estimate over the phone or via email if you have the dimensions, as we work on a rate per sq meter or sq yard the estimate will allow for minor repairs,sanding and finishing with three coats of varnish.If the price quoted seems reasonable, we will then visit your home to look at the floor and discuss your thoughts, concerns and ideas for the project.We will then send you a written estimate or email you an estimate for the work. fashion-605508_1280.jpg

If you have a floor in need of some care and attention, contact us for a no-obligation quote.